Admission Process

Admission Process

Recovering from addiction is a challenging task and requires more than just medication and therapy sessions. Located near the sunny beaches, and with the help of the Awaken Your Soul in California, AKUA provides an environment of healing and transformation for each client seeking change. We are in-network with Blue Cross/Anthem (HMO) and accept most PPO insurance policies. Recently, many insurance policies have been improved for mental health services as a result of the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare). As is customary, the client is still responsible for their deductible and copays.

At AKUA, we understand that process of entering a rehabilitation facility can be overwhelming and often scary for our clients and their families. To make the entire process as smooth and easy as possible, we have provided here a basic breakdown of our admission process, so that our clients know what to expect.

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1. Preadmission Assessment & Verification of Insurance Benefits
At AKUA, we develop personalized treatment plans that address each client’s unique needs. To make such individualistic treatment plans, it is essential to have a profile of our clients. We achieve this through our preadmission assessment.

Our highly qualified admission counselors conduct this assessment either over the phone or in person. The profile includes background information on physical and mental health issues. This assessment also gives our clients an opportunity to ask any question they might have regarding AKUA.

2. Admission
The next step after the completion of the assessment is admission. Our clients set a date and we encourage the family to accompany them, especially if it is their first time. The admission procedure usually takes a bit of time as it involves a substantial amount of paperwork, reviewing the rules, protocols etc.

3. Introduction to AKUA
This is when the family bids farewell and clients enter our facility to begin the treatment. Clinicians greet the client and they undergo intake and orientation.

4. Treatment
Based on the treatment plan developed with the clients, the clinical team at AKUA starts the treatment process. This is where the preadmission assessment comes into play as it helps our clinicians to determine the needs of the client.

5. Discharge
The duration of treatment depends on the severity of addiction and may last anywhere between 1 to 6 months. Upon successful completion of treatment, our clients are ready to return to their loved ones and their responsibilities with the skills and knowledge to stay sober and lead a healthy life.